CIR: female prisoners’ situation in Israeli prisons violates international, humanitarian laws

Council on International Relations – Palestine confirmed that the Israeli occupation is committing grave violations against Palestinian female prisoners in its prisons, violating international humanitarian law.


The Council pointed out in a statement issued today, Sunday, to the suffering of the prisoner Israa Jaabis who suffers from serious injuries and from first and third-degree burns on 60 percent of her body as well as suffering from constant fever, and her treatment requires years of physical and psychological rehabilitation.


The CIR noted that detaining Jaabis in a prison outside the occupied territories is a flagrant violation of international and humanitarian laws, in particular the Third Geneva Convention, in which Article 30 states: “The costs of treatment, including those of any apparatus necessary for the maintenance of prisoners of war in good health, particularly dentures and other artificial appliances, and spectacles, shall be borne by the Detaining Power.”


“The Israeli occupation continues to detain 40 female prisoners, including 11 mothers, most of whom are in Damon prison, and deprives them of their children, not to mention the harsh conditions of their detention”, the council said.


The Gaza- based institution called on the international community and human rights organizations to pressure the Israeli occupation to release all female prisoners, mothers and patients in particular, calling on the International Criminal Court to hold “Israel” accountable for its war crimes.

CIR welcomes HRW report on Israeli apartheid

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) welcomed the report issued Tuesday by Human Rights Watch, in which it says Israeli authorities are committing the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.

The report describes the reality that Palestinians have been living for decades, the council said, and it is an important legal document that supports the Palestinian narrative and refutes the false Israeli narrative.

The CIR called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in accordance with international law, and to work to hold the Israeli occupation state accountable for its ongoing crimes, especially supporting the investigation conducted by the International Criminal Court.

“Israel” is committing “crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution” against Palestinians and the international community must reevaluate diplomatic relations with the state, Human Rights Watch said in a report on Tuesday.

The 213-page report details how “Israel” has sought to maintain Jewish-Israeli hegemony over the Palestinian people from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

CIR conveys condolences over death of Ramsey Clark, prominent supporter of Palestinian people

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) expressed its sincere condolences over the death of the American human rights activist Ramsey Clark, one of those in solidarity with the Palestinian people and supporter of their rights and the honorary president of The Arab International Forum for Justice for Palestine.

The council said in a statement issued Sunday that Clark played an important role in exposing the influence of the Zionist lobby on decision makers and decision-making in the USA.

Clark visited the besieged Gaza in 2011 in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people following brutal Israeli aggression, denouncing the USA’s policies to intervene to thwart international prosecutions aimed to bring Israeli leaders to trial for war crimes committed during the aggression. Clark stressed that Washington stands as an obstacle to the application of international law and justice for the persecuted.

The CIR sent its sincere condolences to Clark’s family, friends and loved ones, stressing that the Palestinian people will not forget his honorable stances.

On anniversary of Nuremberg trials, CIR calls on int’l community to prosecute Israeli war criminals

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) called on the international community not to allow the Israeli war criminals to go unpunished and to work to hold them accountable and to prosecute them for the crimes they committed against the Palestinian people.

In a brief statement issued by the Council on the anniversary of the first Nuremberg Trial, which falls today, the Council said that the crimes of Israeli leaders are war crimes according to numerous international organizations.

“Nuremberg trials should not be an exception. They should be held for everyone who commits war crimes or crimes against humanity, such as Israeli warlords”, the statement said.

The Nuremberg trials were a series of military tribunals held after World War II. The trials were most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the leadership of Nazi Germany, who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in war crimes.