Significant Surge in Israeli Terrorism against Palestinians, CIR Report Reveals

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) said in a new report issued, Monday, that 2022 was the bloodiest and most brutal year against the Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories since 2005, as 230 Palestinians were killed, thousands injured, and hundreds of homes and institutions were demolished.


The CIR said that the report that monitored the violations of the Israeli occupation during 2022 shows that these crimes are nothing but state terrorism and not individual acts, regardless of what the Israeli government is, whether right or left.


The report included monitoring the Israeli violations against Palestinian children, women, prisoners, journalists, property, sanctities, and the ongoing settlement schemes.


The Council’s report stated: “In light of this apartheid and brutal policy, especially under the new government, if there is no immediate and firm intervention from the international community to curb it, the worst is yet to come. A mass explosion is only a matter of time, and hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians will lose their lives.”


“The new Israeli government may be clearer and brazen in expressing this policy, but only in form and not in substance”, the Gaza-based body added.


The Council called on the international community to review its policies in light of the Israeli violations of human rights, and not to be content with statements and remarks that grant the occupation immunity from any punishment, but rather encourage it to continue with these crimes.


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