CIR: UK to designate resistance movements “terrorist” violation of international law

Council on International Relations – Palestine expressed its strong condemnation of the British Home Secretary’s decision to designate Hamas movement as terrorist, in clear violation of the right of peoples to resist occupation.


In a statement issued on Saturday, the council said that Minister Priti Patel’s decision stood by the occupation, injustice and apartheid the Palestinian people have been suffering for decades.


Instead of retracting and apologizing for the Balfour Declaration, the council added, the UK insists on moving forward with the entrenchment of the Israeli occupation, thwarting any attempts to reach a solution to this conflict.


The Council called on the UK Parliament not to ratify this resolution, but rather to recognize the Palestinian state and the right of the Palestinian people to resist occupation, as confirmed by international conventions and laws.


UK Home Secretary Priti Patel is pushing to ban the Palestinian movement under the Terrorism Act. Hamas responded in a statement, saying: “Instead of apologising and correcting its historical sin against the Palestinian people … [Britain] supports the aggressors at the expense of the victims.”