CIR to hold International conference highlighting Gaza siege impacts after 16 years

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) is to hold an international conference highlighting the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, with the participation of international and Arab figures.

The conference “16 Years of the Siege of Gaza: Repercussions and Prospects” will host as well a group of international figures who played an important role and had distinguished contributions in terms of attempts to break the siege imposed on the coastal enclave.

The conference aims, according to the CIR, to shed light on the impacts of the 16-year long siege at the political, social and economic levels, mobilize the international and solidarity movement and attract official political positions to reject the siege.

The event will be attended by figures representing the Gaza government committee and civil society; to address the repercussions of the siege.

The three sessions of the conference will include three aspects. The first highlights the repercussions of the siege, the second deals with the experiences of breaking the siege on Gaza, and the final session deals with the future of the siege.

The Gaza Strip has been suffering for 16 years from a strict and stifling siege imposed by the Israeli occupation, as a punishment for the results of the democratic process and the Palestinians electing Hamas to lead the Palestinian political decision.


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