CIR: Israeli occupation underestimates int’l positions by closure of Palestinian NGOs

Council on International Relations – Palestine expressed its full solidarity with the Palestinian human rights organizations whose offices were closed and brutally assaulted by the Israeli occupation Thursday. The CIR denounced the fierce Israeli attack against the Palestinian human rights body.


The council said in a statement issued Friday that the attack on human rights NGOs reflects the occupation’s fear of being held accountable for its crimes and bringing them to international courts.


“The occupation has disregarded all international positions that refused the occupation decision to list the NGOs on terror list. “Israel” underestimated those positions and committed its heinous crime yesterday”, the CIR added.


The Gaza-based body affirmed that the campaign waged by the occupation against the Palestinian human rights body will not wipe out its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people, who will continue their struggle and resistance to the occupation by all means available, including the legal struggle.


The Council called on the international community not to be satisfied with condemnation and hollow statements, and to move to protect human rights activists and take serious positions against Israeli crimes.


At dawn yesterday, Israeli Forces broke into, searched and sealed the offices of seven Palestinian human rights and humanitarian organizations in Ramallah. Their property was confiscated and destroyed. Israeli forces left copies of military orders to close the offices of the organizations.