CIR conveys condolences over death of Ramsey Clark, prominent supporter of Palestinian people

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) expressed its sincere condolences over the death of the American human rights activist Ramsey Clark, one of those in solidarity with the Palestinian people and supporter of their rights and the honorary president of The Arab International Forum for Justice for Palestine.

The council said in a statement issued Sunday that Clark played an important role in exposing the influence of the Zionist lobby on decision makers and decision-making in the USA.

Clark visited the besieged Gaza in 2011 in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people following brutal Israeli aggression, denouncing the USA’s policies to intervene to thwart international prosecutions aimed to bring Israeli leaders to trial for war crimes committed during the aggression. Clark stressed that Washington stands as an obstacle to the application of international law and justice for the persecuted.

The CIR sent its sincere condolences to Clark’s family, friends and loved ones, stressing that the Palestinian people will not forget his honorable stances.