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Israeli occupation deliberately killing Abu Hamid war crime: CIR

Council on International Relations (CIR) affirmed that the deliberate killing of the Palestinian detainee Nasser Abu Hamid by the Israeli occupation through medical negligence is a war crime and a violation of the Geneva Conventions.   The CIR in a statement Wednesday denounced the international silence towards this crime, in conjunction with their continuous weeping […]

CIR: Celebrating Int’l Human Rights Day opportunity to highlight Israeli crimes

The Palestinian people are still deprived of their human rights because of the ongoing occupation, crimes, siege and aggression, Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) said in a statement issued Saturday. The Council said the International Human Rights Day coincides with ongoing deterioration of the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories, in light […]

International Conference in Gaza Confirms that Gaza Blockade Is War Crime

Speakers during an international conference, entitled “16 Years of the Gaza Siege; Repercussions and Prospects” that was held today, Monday, November 28, 2022, in Gaza City confirmed that the continuation of the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip is a war crime against the Palestinians and a disgrace to the world. During the conference held […]

CIR to hold International conference highlighting Gaza siege impacts after 16 years

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) is to hold an international conference highlighting the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, with the participation of international and Arab figures. The conference “16 Years of the Siege of Gaza: Repercussions and Prospects” will host as well a group of international figures who played an important […]

CIR mourns death of Swiss Michel Bühler, prominent supporter of Palestine

CIR mourns death of Swiss Michel Bühler, prominent supporter of Palestine Council on International Relations expressed its deepest condolences over the death of the Swiss author, writer and artist, Michel Bühler, one of the most prominent supporters of the Palestinian people and their just cause. In a condolences letter sent to Bühler’s widow, the CIR […]

CIR: UN Referring Question of Palestine to ICJ Historic Breakthrough

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) welcomed the request by the UN Fourth Committee for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory.   The CIR said in a statement issued Saturday, that the committee’s request gives the Palestinians an incentive to continue […]

CIR: holding Association Council, EU rewards Israeli occupation for its crimes

Council on International Relations – Palestine accused the European Union of encouraging the occupation and rewarding it for its continuing crimes against the Palestinians by reviving the European-Israeli Partnership Council between the European bloc and the occupying country. The council said in a statement issued, Sunday, that holding this council in the presence of the […]

CIR: Israeli occupation underestimates int’l positions by closure of Palestinian NGOs

Council on International Relations – Palestine expressed its full solidarity with the Palestinian human rights organizations whose offices were closed and brutally assaulted by the Israeli occupation Thursday. The CIR denounced the fierce Israeli attack against the Palestinian human rights body.   The council said in a statement issued Friday that the attack on human […]

CIR Slams UN for Leaving “Israel” off Child Rights Violators ‘List of Shame’

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) slammed the UN for leaving “Israel” off the “list of shame” issued for organizations and countries that violate the rights of children in conflict areas.   The Council said in a statement issued Friday, that this decision of the Secretary-General of the United Nations not only exonerates the […]