Council on International Relations in Palestine

International relations are a basic pillar of world peace and human progress. It goes back to the early days of the history of humanity, for man cannot move forward without that means which allows people of different colors, religions and orientations to reach agreement and live in harmony. Council on International Relations was established in 2013 by a group of Palestinians who felt the urgent need for an institution that is able to open up borders horizons of cooperation with the Palestinian people.


To be the first Palestinian institution in the field of International relations.


CIR aims to establish an effective network of relations at the international level in order to support the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people to freedom and independence through political, diplomatic and legal means.


  1. Enhancing the communication between the Palestinian people with all its political, social and cultural components on the one hand and the outside world (the Arab, Islamic, and others) on the other hand, in order to promote the Palestinian rights and to create stability in the region.
  2. Contributing in the discussion amongst the Palestinian factions as well as the active groups around the Arab world and international platforms that help maintain the rights of the Palestinians.
  3. Developing the relations with the various regional and international institutions to support the rights of the Palestinians.
  4. Espousing studies and activities that promote the Palestinian narrative in the struggle against the Israeli occupation.
  5. Taking part in refuting the Israeli argument on the diplomatic level to support the Palestinian rights.
  6. Contributing in mobilizing Arab and Islamic capacities for the interest of the Palestinian people.
  7. Contributing in piecing together Arab and Islamic influences to support the Palestinian cause.
  8. Providing the Palestinian decision-maker with advice in the field of international relations.