CIR: AU statement thwarts Israeli attempts to penetrate global solidarity with Palestine

Council on International Relations – Palestine welcomed the statement of the 34th African Union summit condemning the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine and its crimes against the Palestinians.

The council said Tuesday the AU statement is firm evidence of the failure of Israeli attempts to penetrate African solidarity with the Palestinians and the continuation of the historical African solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle against the occupation.

“The statement comes at a time when some Arab countries are rushing to normalize with the occupation. All occupation attempts to gain legitimacy at the expense of the rights of our people and without ending the occupation of our lands and the return of refugees will ultimately fail”, the CIR pointed out.

At the 34th African Union (AU) Summit that was held virtually over the weekend, African leaders reaffirmed the continent’s support for the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation, and strongly condemned Israel’s violence against Palestinians; its construction of illegal settlements; and attempts at colonizing East Jerusalem.