CIR warns of UAE-sponsored schemes to undermine UNRWA

Council on International Relations – Palestine warned of UAE-sponsored schemes to undermine the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees, according to the French Le Monde.

The council said in a statement issued Saturday that these media leaks come within the plan that the American administration and the Israeli have been working on for a long time to end the work of UNRWA.

The Council noted that any schemes to undermine the agency, end its mandate, or change its function are a flagrant violation of international laws and decisions, which guaranteed the Palestinians return to their homes.

“Such schemes would not achieve any stability or peace, but rather would spread chaos, destruction and instability in the region, and would not deter the Palestinians from sacrificing to obtain their rights”.

The council was surprised by the UAE’s support for this scheme, noting that it was more appropriate for it to support the agency as the rest of the countries do, and not seek to undermine it.

Latest Issue by The French Le Monde said Thursday that the UAE is considering a plan presented by the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies and the Emirates Center for Policies that aims to permanently liquidate the refugee issue, by ending UNRWA’s work and canceling the mandate given to it by the UN General Assembly Seventy years ago.