CIR: US actions in international forums blackmail to international community

Council on International Relations – Palestine described the actions of the US and its threat to the Member States of the United Nations General Assembly as blackmail to the international community.

The council said in a statement issued Thursday that the exchange of political positions in return for financial support undermines the role of the international community in supporting the vulnerable and standing up to unjust countries.

The Council called on the UN General Assembly to refrain from responding to these threats and challenge them by voting against the Trump Jerusalem move.

The CIR called on the international community and the Palestinian Authority to consider the United States as an unfair broker in the peace process in the Middle East and to boycott its officials to pressure them to back down from positions that are biased to the Israeli occupation state.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicky Healy warned United Nations members that they would “take the names” of those countries that vote to reject Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in an effort to influence their voices toward the will of the United States.

Donald Trump has threatened to withhold “billions” of dollars of US aid from countries which vote in favour of a United Nations resolution rejecting the US president’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of “Israel”.


CIR: On International Human Rights Day, Israel continues to deprive Palestinian people of their rights

Council on International Relations – Palestine said that the Israeli occupation continues to violate Palestinian human rights and deprive them of the basic necessities of life.

In a statement issued Sunday, the Council noted that the Israeli occupation continues to deprive millions of Palestinians around the world of returning to their homes they were displaced from for decades, as Palestinians living in diaspora are about 70% of the whole Palestinian people.

As a result of discriminatory policies implemented by Israel against Palestinian citizens, the Palestinian people suffer from violations of their rights of life, housing, property, and not to be subjected to torture, cruel punishment or inhuman and degrading treatment. The occupation also deprives them of freedom of movement, their right to return to their homeland and their right to seek justice for the harm done to them.

The denial of the Palestinians’ right to self-determination lies at the top of these violations, the council added.

The CIR said that it is no longer possible to allow Israel to continue to commit systematic violations of Palestinian human rights.

While the international community is celebrating the International Day of Human Rights, the Council called on the UN Member States to honor their pledge ‘in cooperation with the United Nations to ensure the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms’, as stated in the Universal Declaration, noting that the occupation will continue to violate the Palestinian human rights as long as it has the ability to act as a state above the law.

On December 10 this year, the world celebrates the 69th anniversary of World Human Rights Day as part of the celebration of the adoption of the Universal Declaration by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

CIR: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem dangerous, violate international law

Council on International relations-Palestine described the intention of the US to move its embassy to Jerusalem as dangerous and violates the International law.

In a press release, The council said that the American decision pours gas to the flames in the region, and pushes it to more deterioration . The decision violates the international law that considers Jerusalem as an occupied city and it violates as well UNESCO’s resolution that states no Jewish ties with Jerusalem.

The council noted that the American Decision proves that the US is not an honest broker to solve the conflict in the region, demanding the international community to take the lead and to rein the Israeli occupation on continuing its aggression and make it accept the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The CIR appreciates the UN General Assembly that reiterated that any actions by “Israel”, the occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem were illegal and therefore null and void.

CIR condemns denying Swiss officials entry to Gaza by Israeli occupation

Council on International relational – Palestine condemned Saturday the Israeli occupation for denying the Swiss officials entry to the Gaza Strip.

In a press release, the council said the step doubles the current siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and is a blatant violation to the Palestinian people’s rights of communicating with the outside world.

The CIR called on the international community to stand strongly against these Israeli apartheid policies. ” we demand the free world to face such decisions by taking more steps to break the siege and doubling the delegates that visit the Gaza Strip”, the council added.

Israeli occupation has banned Swiss officials from entering the Gaza Strip following a series of meetings between representatives of the European country and Gaza leaders.

CIR condemns Guterres for ignoring Gaza during his visit to region

Council on International relations – Palestine condemned the UN Secretary-General António Guterres for ignoring the people of Gaza Strip who suffer under the siege the Israeli occupation imposes for over 11 years.

The CIR said, in a press release Wednesday, that this ignoring from the head of the international diplomacy is considered contrary to all the principles and objectives for which the United Nations was established.

The council denounced the blatant bias Guterres showed during his visit that included several Israeli sectors while he had enough visiting Gaza for a few hours without seeing the scale of the disaster the Israeli occupation caused.

The CIR called on the Secretary-General to truly visit the Gaza Strip and see the harsh humanitarian circumstances and meet with families of the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails, patients deprived of travelling to receive medical treatment, owners of destroyed houses and victims of the Israeli assaults and siege.

On Tuesday, The Secretary-General launched his first official visit to the region and aimed to find “a long overdue peaceful resolution to the conflict”.

CIR praises U.N. agency report about “Israel” being apartheid regime

Council on International Relations in Palestine praised the report (E/ESCWA/ECRI/2017/1) published by the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) on Wednesday.

In a press release, the CIR welcomed the report that accused “Israel” of imposing an “apartheid regime” of racial discrimination on the Palestinian people.

The council said that what the report included the Palestinian people confirmed for ages through the facts on the ground and the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation.

” This Israeli apartheid regime is destined to end as the apartheid regime in South Africa ended” the CIR added.

The council called on all countries around the world to adopt the report and to isolate this regime.

On Wednesday, the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) accused in a report (E/ESCWA/ECRI/2017/1) “Israel” of imposing an “apartheid regime” of racial discrimination on the Palestinian people, and said it was the first time a U.N. body had clearly made the charge.

‘US aid to Israel cannot continue,’ says American writer

American writer Jeremy Hammond has told a seminar organised by the Council on International Relations that US aid to Israel “cannot continue.” He made his comment during the event entitled “America is an obstacle to peace”, at which the discussion looked at the prospects of the US-Palestine relationship under the Trump administration.

The council’s head, Dr Bassem Naeem, welcomed the audience and emphasised the importance of highlighting the consequences of US attitudes and behaviour towards the Palestinians during Trump’s presidency. This is especially so in light of the controversial statements made by the new president before and after he won the election in November.

Hammond pointed out that the US is supporting Israel financially and economically, and has increased its annual aid to $3.8 billion. He added that Washington has also promised Israel substantial loans from US taxpayers’ money.

Jeremy Hammonds book “Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

The winner of the Independent Political Analyst Award stated that the US is a Zionist state in the nature of its composition and that many Americans support Israel on a religious and ideological basis. Hammond also said that Israel’s crimes are committed with various US-made weapons and America’s diplomatic support. This is highlighted by the US use of its veto at the UN Security Council in votes on a number of international resolutions condemning the Israeli occupation.

He added that the US definition of the peace process is the prevention of the two-state solution and the prevention of international law being enforced against Israel. He noted also that the Palestinian Authority serves Israel.

Hammond explained that the US couldn’t continue to officially support Israel because there has been a shift in public opinion, which wants to limit such support. While noting that the PA is serving the occupation, he suggested that President Mahmoud Abbas, has benefitted from the status quo in a personal capacity. Despite the fact that he was elected as president, he rejected Hamas’s election by democratic means. “The Palestinian people must replace Abbas with a new leadership that works on changing the current situation in order to liberate themselves from the occupation,” said the political analyst.

Pointing out that the American media outlets always report the Zionist narrative and discourse, Hammond said that they must stop insisting on imposing Israel’s perspective. “Some defend Israel and say that the return of the Palestine refugees would be suicide for the state.”

This, he added, is part of a media war waged by Israel and its defenders. “There is oppression being exercised against the Palestinians but it is not mentioned in the US media. They do not know the facts about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” He concluded by saying that the Palestinians must increase their media efforts in order to reach the ordinary American citizens and refute the dominant pro-Israel narrative.

CIR holds symposium to present academic study “Concept of State According to Hamas’ Thought”

A number of intellectuals, activists, researchers, and journalists attended the forum and responded to the topic, which raised a number of questions and queries amongst them.

The Council on International Relations – Palestine held a symposium to present an academic study titled “The concept of the state according to Hamas’ thought” presented by Dr Husam Al-Dajani.

The forum began with a welcome from Council chief Basem Naim who congratulated Dr Dajani on receiving his doctoral degree.

In his speech before the attendees, Dr Dajani said that his study aims to understand the concept and development of the state according to Hamas’ thought. It also aims to either prove or disprove the study’s thesis which is mainly to do with how Hamas’ political thought and beliefs regarding democracy influence their idea of a state, and if this conflicts with Western democratic thought.

Dr Dajani noted that there has been a development and evolution of the concept of the state in Hamas’ thought. This development has created a divergence between Hamas’s political thought and that of the West. However, for Hamas, the complete adoption of a civil state like that found in the West is still far-fetched.

A number of intellectuals, activists, researchers, and journalists attended the forum and responded to the topic, which raised a number of questions and queries amongst them.

In his study, Dr Dajani recommended that Hamas move further towards adopting the idea of a civil state in a manner that does not conflict with international human rights laws. He also recommended that they benefit from the experience of the birth of modern civil states in Europe.

He also stressed the need for Islamist jurisprudence experts to engage with the idea in order to build a model of a civil state that uses Islam as an approach to life. Hamas must also, according to Dajani, take into consideration the uniqueness of the Palestinian society, as well as its diverse intellectual capabilities.

In his recommendations to the Islamists, Dr Dajani called on them to benefit from the experiences of Ennahda in Tunisia and the Justice and Development Party in Turkey in separating its religious work from its political work when governing the state.

CIR denounces Conway’s remarks about moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Council on International Relations in Palestine denounces top aide of president-elect Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway’s remarks in which she said that moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem will be a major focus for Donald Trump.

The council considers that any thought of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem would lead the region toward more violence and instability.

CIR calls on the new American administration to be an honest broker between the Palestinians and Israelis, and to abide by the international community resolutions that don’t recognize Jerusalem as a capital of “Israel”, bearing in mind that no country has yet its embassy in the Holy City.

Council on International Relations in Palestine welcomes the European Union ambassadors

A press release issued by Council on International Relations in Palestine


Council on International Relations in Palestine welcomes the European Union ambassadors who will visit Gaza Strip tomorrow to discuss many topics on top of that Economic and living situation.

The council calls on the ambassadors to transform words and visits into actions and resolutions to put pressure to end the siege and suffering of 2m people living in 365km2 in Gaza.

The council stresses that the continuous of this situation warns of deterioration and imminent explosion, according to several international reports, most recently the remarks by UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nikolay Mladenov in which he said: “people have lost hope, Life is gone and this is what makes Gaza more dangerous and more explosive.”