CIR: AU statement thwarts Israeli attempts to penetrate global solidarity with Palestine

Council on International Relations – Palestine welcomed the statement of the 34th African Union summit condemning the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine and its crimes against the Palestinians.

The council said Tuesday the AU statement is firm evidence of the failure of Israeli attempts to penetrate African solidarity with the Palestinians and the continuation of the historical African solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle against the occupation.

“The statement comes at a time when some Arab countries are rushing to normalize with the occupation. All occupation attempts to gain legitimacy at the expense of the rights of our people and without ending the occupation of our lands and the return of refugees will ultimately fail”, the CIR pointed out.

At the 34th African Union (AU) Summit that was held virtually over the weekend, African leaders reaffirmed the continent’s support for the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation, and strongly condemned Israel’s violence against Palestinians; its construction of illegal settlements; and attempts at colonizing East Jerusalem.

CIR: “Israel” faces demographic threat by bringing in non-Jewish immigrants

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics revealed that the number of Jewish immigrants to “Israel” over the course of 2020 hit a record low, with only 33.8% of the usual number of new immigrants.

For the first time in Israeli history, the Jewish population of the country has dropped below 74 percent, according to the IPC.

Dr. Basem Naim, head of Council on International Relations – Palestine said that these data indicate that the occupation state is exploiting the claim that any Jew around the world has the right to immigrate to the “Promised Land”, which is unfortunately supported by the international community unlawfully, to confront the demographic threat that threatens it by bringing non-Jewish immigrants to Palestine, at a time when the occupation expels Palestinians from their lands, demolishes their homes, and deprives them of their basic rights.

This behavior, Naeem indicated, not only confirms the racism and fascism of this entity and its creed, but rather “Israel” uses religious arguments to pass colonial political projects and consolidate its control over Palestinian land.

Naim noted that these facts undermine the idea that many in the international community, especially in the West, rely on regarding the right of Jews around the world to immigrate to Palestine, at a time when the international community is unable to enforce international legitimacy by enabling the Palestinians to return to their homes from which they were forcibly displaced. Head of the CIR called on the international community to reconsider its stances towards the historical injustice that befalls the Palestinian people.

CIR calls on int’l community to impose sanctions on Israeli occupation for ongoing demolitions

Council on International Relations – Palestine condemned the Israeli occupation’s ongoing official policy of demolishing Palestinian homes and institutions in the West Bank.

In a statement issued Saturday, the CIR affirmed that this policy aims to displace the Palestinians and seize the rest of the Palestinian lands. “This policy has all characteristics of “ethnic cleansing” according to international law”, the CIR added.

The Council called on the international community to take more bold and effective steps in response to this policy pursued by the Israeli occupation in front of the world.

The CIR stressed that the international community should consider imposing sanctions on the Israeli occupation to deter it from continuing with this policy, noting that statements alone are not sufficient.

The Council noted that the continuation of the occupation with these crimes shows that “Israel” is turning its back to the soft statements and positions issued by the international community, and feels that it enjoys immunity that exempts it from the consequences of its actions and crimes.

OCHA sounded the alarm last month warning that between March and August, during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, they recorded the highest destruction rate in the West Bank in four years.

The Un body said last Tuesday: ” So far in 2020, 689 structures have been demolished across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, more than in any full year since 2016; rendering 869 Palestinians homeless.”

CIR calls on UN to obligate Israel to international resolutions or cancel membership

On its 75th anniversary,
CIR calls on UN to obligate Israel to international resolutions or cancel membership

Council on International Relations – Palestine congratulated the United Nations on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, noting its important role in spreading international peace and security throughout these years.

The council said in a statement issued Wednesday: Although the organization has achieved many achievements at the level of international peace and security around the world, it has failed to achieve justice and the rule of law, for which the organization was founded at the San Francisco conference in 1945, especially in the Palestinian issue.

The Palestinian people have been subjected to Israeli terrorism and aggression for seven decades, and the organization has not been able to protect them or help them get rid of the occupation and achieve their goal of freedom and independence, the CIR added.

The Council added that the UN is still required to shoulder its responsibilities towards the decades-old issue of the Palestinian people, and it must work diligently until the Palestinian people obtain their full rights.

The Council called on the organization to oblige “Israel” to abide by the international resolutions or to cancel its membership.

The Council indicated that “Israel” Is still violating the conditions stated in the decision to accept it as a member of the United Nations, namely the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes from which they were forcibly displaced.

The CIR warned that the continuation of the Zionist occupation and terrorism is one of the most important causes of instability and chaos in the region.

Stability and development will not be achieved without ending the occupation and empowering the Palestinian people with their basic rights, foremost among which is their right to independence and self-determination, the most important foundations of the organization’s philosophy, the Gaza-based body added.

The United Nations celebrates its seventy-fifth anniversary, at a time when the world is witnessing great turmoil that is exacerbated by an unprecedented global health crisis, and unresolved issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue.

CIR urges int’l community to help Gaza survive impending disaster

Council on International Relations – Palestine urged the international community to urgently help the Gaza Strip survive an impending disaster, after cases of Coronavirus registered for the first time among the community.

The Council said in a statement issued, Wednesday, that the crime of the strict Israeli siege imposed on Gaza for 14 years destroyed the health and service sectors, leading to a serious disaster.

The CIR called on international institutions to speed up the rescue and help the Strip with the supplies necessary to face the crisis in light of the crumbling health system due to the Israeli siege.

The Council called on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to lift this siege, especially in these critical circumstances that the Strip is going through, and to shoulder its responsibility towards the area it occupies.

“We warn of the consequences of the spread of the virus in the Gaza Strip, and hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for any catastrophe that afflicts the Gaza Strip”, the Council warned.

The Ministry of Health in the besieged Gaza Strip on Monday registered cases from the coronavirus pandemic for the first time among the community. The authorities in the enclave imposed a two-day lockdown as part of measures to stem the virus’ spread.

CIR Confirms Right of Palestinians to Jerusalem Will not be Nullified by Occupation, its Supporters Steps

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) affirmed that the right of the Palestinian people to have Jerusalem as the capital of their future independent state is their absolute right according to United Nations resolutions.

The CIR said in a statement issued Friday the measures taken by the Israeli occupation since the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967 are invalid and will not nullify the right of the Palestinian people to it.

In its statement, the Council indicated that the decisions of some countries to move their embassies to Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital of the occupation state are null decisions according to Security Council Resolution 478, calling on these countries to retreat these illegal steps.

It has been 40 years ago since the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 478 which reaffirms that the acquisition of territory by force is inadmissible.

International Relations Council accuses U.S congress of ‘consolidating’ Israeli illegal occupation

The Palestinian Council on International Relations accused the U.S Congress of encouraging “Israel” in its violations and disregard for International law after approving a $38 billion package of military aid for Israel over the next 10 years.

In a press statement issued today, the Council said that such a decision is in the interest of the steps taken by U.S President Trump aimed at consolidation of “Israel”’s illegal occupation and crushing the Palestinians’ dream of self- determination and building their own independent and sovereign State.

The Council warned of the devastating consequences over this decision on the region’s stability, noting that U.S continued support encourages the occupation to continue its savage aggression against regional countries, which could lead to endless crisis.

The Palestinian Council on International Relations urged the U.S congress to listen to all of “the wise voices” calling upon keeping up the pressure on “Israel” to abide by the international law and stop their continuing violations against the Palestinian people.

The U.S Senate moved on Friday $38 billion to “Israel” in military assistance for a whole decade. The decision also included a million dollars fund for the State Department’s ant-Semitism observer office, which is double the current amount.


During a meeting with Latin American figures ..


The Brazil Palestine Institute organized the remote meeting, with the participation of Palestinian community officials in Latin America, to discuss the annexation plan and how to confront it.


The meeting was opened by Dr. Ahmed Shehada, the president of the institute, who confirmed that the meeting comes in the context of confronting the annexation plan and uniting the community’s efforts for the sake of joint work, and that the meeting will be the beginning of a series of meetings to coordinate these efforts.


For his part, Dr. Bassem Naim, President of the Council on International Relations – Palestine, said that the Palestinians are going through a historic moment in their just cause, and I am the Israeli annexation plan, which is a new catastrophe that they must confront vigorously.


Naim said during a meeting organized by the Brazil Palestine Institute with Latin American figures that the American administration and the Israeli occupation seek to completely eliminate the Palestinian issue through three tracks, namely Judaizing Jerusalem, liquidating the refugee issue and keeping the Palestinians in cantons and legitimizing the occupation.


Regarding confronting these plans, Naim indicated that what is required at the Palestinian community level is the formation of national fronts in the form of lobbying governments, parliaments, councils of elders, politicians and parties to announce a clear and explicit stance against these plans.


Naim called on the communities to urge friendly peoples to go out on the street and protest, as well as to strengthen the boycott movement and move legally to obtain laws to prosecute and hold Zionist war criminals accountable.


The President of the Council stressed the need to use the media, especially social media, to target global public opinion and expose the occupation’s plans, calling on those outside to communicate with the Palestinians inside and enhance their resilience.

For their part, the attendees praised what was stated in the council’s speech, stressing the necessity to work with the data on the ground, given that the Latin continent has a strategic stockpile and people supporting the Palestinian people, pointing to the need to unite efforts and joint work in order to address the Zionist plans to resolve the issue.


At the end of the meeting, the attendees stressed the need to repeat such meetings to coordinate the community’s efforts and continuous communication with the Palestinian interior, expressing their readiness to cooperate among the community’s people to serve the Palestinian cause.


CIR Demands LGPS divests of firms complicit in Israeli violations

Council on International Relations – Palestine called on The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) to stop investing over £2 Billion in companies complicit in Israel’s war crimes, including those blacklisted by the UN.

The CIR referred to the information revealed by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign in Britain, which showed that LGPS invested over £2 Billion in companies complicit in Israeli war crimes.

The council demanded LGPS in a letter sent Monday to stop such investments. “For that reason and as a matter of urgency, we demand that Israel be excluded from all your investments”, it demanded.

The CIR said in the letter: “We demand to hold to account those responsible for these investments. We demand support for Palestinian institutions concerned with human rights and supporting Palestinian communities suffering from Israel’s illegal military regime.”

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign has revealed that The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) invests over £2 Billion in companies complicit in Israel’s war crimes, including those blacklisted by the UN.

CIR welcomes HRW report, says it confirms Israel as apartheid state

Council on International Relations – Palestine welcomed the report issued today by Human Rights Watch, which affirmed that Israel pursued a policy of racial discrimination against the Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line.

The council said in a statement issued Tuesday that this report is the first of its kind that covers all of historic Palestine about violations of Palestinian rights, inequality and land grabbing.

The CIR indicated that the report confirms that the Israeli occupation state is no different from the apartheid South Africa, and even worse and that it is a state based on the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and depriving them of their basic rights.

In the light of this report, the Council called on the international community to impose sanctions on the occupying power, similar to the sanctions imposed on the apartheid South Africa, to recognize the state of Palestine and force the occupation to withdraw from the occupied territories and give the Palestinians their rights.

The Gaza-based body noted that the issuance of the report at a time the Palestinians are commemorating the seventy-second anniversary of the Nakba requires the entire world to support the right of the Palestinian people to return to the homes that were taken from them and compensate them for the years of suffering in the Diaspora.

A new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report said on Tuesday the Israeli government’s policy favours Jewish citizens as decades of land confiscations and discriminatory policies have restricted Palestinian citizens to densely populated towns and villages that have little room to expand.