CIR demands Russia to explain celebrating Russia Day in Jerusalem

Council on International Relations – Palestine deplored the intention of the Russian Embassy to organize a ceremony on Russia Day in the occupied Jerusalem.

The Council said in a statement issued on Tuesday that this unprecedented step contradicts with the official Russian position not to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of “Israel”, especially at this critical time in the history of Jerusalem, after the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

The CIR demanded Russia to clarify its position on the ceremony scheduled for June 14 for the first time after it was held in Tel Aviv every year.

Russia Day, previously, before 2002, Day of adoption of the declaration of independence of RSFSR is the national holiday of the Russian Federation. It has been celebrated annually on June 12 since 1991.

However, the Russian embassy to “Israel” intends to organize this year’s ceremony in the occupied Jerusalem on June 14.