CIR condemns Guterres for ignoring Gaza during his visit to region

Council on International relations – Palestine condemned the UN Secretary-General António Guterres for ignoring the people of Gaza Strip who suffer under the siege the Israeli occupation imposes for over 11 years.

The CIR said, in a press release Wednesday, that this ignoring from the head of the international diplomacy is considered contrary to all the principles and objectives for which the United Nations was established.

The council denounced the blatant bias Guterres showed during his visit that included several Israeli sectors while he had enough visiting Gaza for a few hours without seeing the scale of the disaster the Israeli occupation caused.

The CIR called on the Secretary-General to truly visit the Gaza Strip and see the harsh humanitarian circumstances and meet with families of the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails, patients deprived of travelling to receive medical treatment, owners of destroyed houses and victims of the Israeli assaults and siege.

On Tuesday, The Secretary-General launched his first official visit to the region and aimed to find “a long overdue peaceful resolution to the conflict”.

CIR: UNESCO decision halts Zionist claim, confirms Palestinian people rights


Council on International Relations – Palestine appreciated the UNESCO decision of designating Hebron and the two adjoined shrines at its heart – the Jewish Tomb of the Patriarchs and the Muslim Ibrahimi Mosque – a “Palestinian World Heritage Site in Danger”.

The council said in a press release this bold decision halts the Zionist claim and confirms the right of the Palestinian people of their land and history.

The CIR called on the UNESCO to implement the decision by protecting the sites from the Israeli occupation and settlers who try very hard to judaize the area and throw their Palestinian inhabitants out.

In the press release, the council thanked the members who voted in favor, considering that their votes lead to ending the Israeli occupation and revealing peace in the region.

Last Friday, The UN’s world heritage body has recognised the old city of Hebron in the West Bank as a Palestinian world heritage site.

CIR mourns Kathrada, friend of Mandela and Palestinian people

Council on International Relations – Palestine mourned Ahmed Kathrada who died on Tuesday in Johannesburg.

The Cir said in a press release that the Palestinian people lost a truly friend who stood by Palestine, especially in the prisoners’ issue.

The council conveyed its sincere condolences to Kathrada’s family, president Jacob Zuma, the people of South Africa and ANC, saying that the Palestinian people is still fighting for their freedom as the people of South Africa did to achieve peace and freedom.

Ahmed Kathrada, who spent 26 years in prison, many of them alongside his close friend Nelson Mandela, for resisting the apartheid system of white minority rule in South Africa, died on Tuesday in Johannesburg. He was 87.

CIR: McGuinness death big loss for Palestine

Council on International Relations in Palestine expressed its deep sadness over the death of Martin McGuinness, an icon of the Irish issue and Sinn Féin party.

In a press release, the council said that Palestine lost one of the key figures in Northern Ireland who fought for achieving justice and peace  for the Irish people.

“It is with deep regret and sadness that we have learnt of the death of our friend Martin McGuinness,” the council added.

The CIR conveyed the Palestinian people’s condolences to McGuinness’ family noting that he was keen on expressing Sinn Féin ‘s support for the Palestinian people and their just rights.

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland’s former deputy first minister, has died aged 66.

CIR praises U.N. agency report about “Israel” being apartheid regime

Council on International Relations in Palestine praised the report (E/ESCWA/ECRI/2017/1) published by the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) on Wednesday.

In a press release, the CIR welcomed the report that accused “Israel” of imposing an “apartheid regime” of racial discrimination on the Palestinian people.

The council said that what the report included the Palestinian people confirmed for ages through the facts on the ground and the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation.

” This Israeli apartheid regime is destined to end as the apartheid regime in South Africa ended” the CIR added.

The council called on all countries around the world to adopt the report and to isolate this regime.

On Wednesday, the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) accused in a report (E/ESCWA/ECRI/2017/1) “Israel” of imposing an “apartheid regime” of racial discrimination on the Palestinian people, and said it was the first time a U.N. body had clearly made the charge.

CIR: Kaufman death big loss for Palestinian people

Council on International Relations in Palestine (CIR) expressed on Monday its extreme sadness for the death of Sir Gerald Kaufman, considered it a big loss for supporters of Palestinian people.

In a press release, the CIR said that the British Labour MP was an iconic figure that supported Palestine’s issue and worked for exposing the oppression and injustice the Palestinian people suffered.

Kaufman sent a message to the world through his activities that the Israeli occupation is an apartheid regime.

“After his death, Kaufman’s voice should remain alive so that humanity continues defending the Palestinian rights guaranteed by all international laws,” the CIR said.

The Jewish Labour MP, who died on Sunday aged 86, was known for his opposition to the Israeli occupation policies for decades. He once compared the Israeli occupation to the Nazis.

CIR: nominating Livni for UN senior position encourages international terrorism

Council on International Relations – Palestine considered nominating war criminal Tzipi Livni for a UN senior position as an unprecedented incident that shocked the Palestinian people in general, the victims in particular bearing in mind that Livni is accused of committing war crimes against humanity in the war Israel waged against Gaza in 2008-2009.

The council said in a press release issued Wednesday that nominating Livni contradicts with the lawsuits filed against her in several European countries in which a judicial decision taken to arrest her for committing war crimes.

” Livni, who studied law, once said 10 years ago as a minister of Justice: ” I am a lawyer… But I am against law – international law in particular. Law in general”. This proves that she doesn’t respect the international law and ignores the basis for which the United nations established including ” maintaining the international peace and law”, the council explained.

CIR added that such an issue would put the UN in an awkward position that let it lose its incredibility as the sponsor of peace and guard of justice. This would make the world far away from brining justice for the oppressed people.

The council called for holding the Israeli war criminal accountable and bringing justice instead of rewarding them.

CIR Strongly Condemns Israeli Knesset’s Approval of “Regulation Bill”

Council on International Relations – Palestine strongly condemns the Israeli Knesset’s approval of the “Settlement Regulation Bill”, which allows the theft of Palestinian privately owned lands for the interest of settlement expansion in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

In a press release issued Thursday, the council said it’s strange that such an approval comes just after only few weeks of the UNSC’s Resolution No. 2234 which stated that the Israeli settlements have no legal validity.

CIR called upon the UN and the UNSC to take practical situations to face Israeli occupation’s blatant violation of the international law rules as this occupation acts like a rogue state above the law.

This week, the Knesset passes the final readings of the controversial so-called “Regulation Bill” that paves the way for the Israeli occupation to recognize some 4,000 settlements illegally built on Palestinian privately owned lands .

CIR condemns Guterres statement regarding Jerusalem, its relation with Jews

Council on International Relations – Palestine expressed its extreme displeasure at the statement of UN Secretary General António Guterres regarding a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

The council condemns in a press release issued Friday Guterres’ statement, indicating that it is a serious violation of UN credibility and clear bias in favor of the Israeli occupation.

” Guterres’ statement would encourage the occupation to commit more crimes in Jerusalem, keep its Judaism policy, and violate the holy places”, the council added.

The council called on UN Secretary General to review his statement and apologize for it as it contradicts history and UNESCO’s resolution which stipulate that Al-Aqsa Mosque is a Muslim holy site that Jews have no right in.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who assumed office Jan. 1, said it is “completely clear” that Jerusalem’s Temple Mount was home to the ancient Jewish Temple.

‘US aid to Israel cannot continue,’ says American writer

American writer Jeremy Hammond has told a seminar organised by the Council on International Relations that US aid to Israel “cannot continue.” He made his comment during the event entitled “America is an obstacle to peace”, at which the discussion looked at the prospects of the US-Palestine relationship under the Trump administration.

The council’s head, Dr Bassem Naeem, welcomed the audience and emphasised the importance of highlighting the consequences of US attitudes and behaviour towards the Palestinians during Trump’s presidency. This is especially so in light of the controversial statements made by the new president before and after he won the election in November.

Hammond pointed out that the US is supporting Israel financially and economically, and has increased its annual aid to $3.8 billion. He added that Washington has also promised Israel substantial loans from US taxpayers’ money.

Jeremy Hammonds book “Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

The winner of the Independent Political Analyst Award stated that the US is a Zionist state in the nature of its composition and that many Americans support Israel on a religious and ideological basis. Hammond also said that Israel’s crimes are committed with various US-made weapons and America’s diplomatic support. This is highlighted by the US use of its veto at the UN Security Council in votes on a number of international resolutions condemning the Israeli occupation.

He added that the US definition of the peace process is the prevention of the two-state solution and the prevention of international law being enforced against Israel. He noted also that the Palestinian Authority serves Israel.

Hammond explained that the US couldn’t continue to officially support Israel because there has been a shift in public opinion, which wants to limit such support. While noting that the PA is serving the occupation, he suggested that President Mahmoud Abbas, has benefitted from the status quo in a personal capacity. Despite the fact that he was elected as president, he rejected Hamas’s election by democratic means. “The Palestinian people must replace Abbas with a new leadership that works on changing the current situation in order to liberate themselves from the occupation,” said the political analyst.

Pointing out that the American media outlets always report the Zionist narrative and discourse, Hammond said that they must stop insisting on imposing Israel’s perspective. “Some defend Israel and say that the return of the Palestine refugees would be suicide for the state.”

This, he added, is part of a media war waged by Israel and its defenders. “There is oppression being exercised against the Palestinians but it is not mentioned in the US media. They do not know the facts about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” He concluded by saying that the Palestinians must increase their media efforts in order to reach the ordinary American citizens and refute the dominant pro-Israel narrative.