CIR: Palestinian people still deprived of their basic rights because of Israeli occupation

On World Human Rights Day

CIR: Palestinian people still deprived of their basic rights because of Israeli occupation

The Palestinian people are still deprived of their human rights because of the continued occupation, crimes, siege and aggressions, the Council on International Relations said in a statement issued on Monday.

The Council said that the International Human Rights Day coincides with ongoing deterioration of the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories, in light of violations of the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international law and international humanitarian law.

The Council said that the Israeli aggression is still continued to be carried out through full-scale military attacks, and the imposition of an illegal and comprehensive siege on the Gaza Strip, which constitutes collective punishment and crimes against humanity under the rules of international humanitarian law.

The Council explained that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have suffered a continuing violation of their basic rights and freedoms as a result of the grave human rights violations committed by the Israeli occupation against peaceful demonstrators in the besieged Gaza Strip. Those who protested to demand their human rights were brutally met by the occupation forces fire that killed 232 of whom, including 33 children, and injured over 10,000.

“The occupation continues to violate the Palestinian human rights through further Judaization of Jerusalem, the demolition of homes, the expulsion of Palestinian residents from their homes, the construction of more settlement units and the theft of land,” the statement said.

The Council called upon the international community and institutions of international law to shoulder their responsibilities and put pressure on the Israeli occupation in order to abide by the rules and principles of international law. The CIR also called on The International Criminal Court to hold the Israeli war criminals accountable for their ongoing and systematic crimes the Palestinian people.

CIR: Celebrating the world with this day requires more solidarity, support for our people

Statement by Council on International Relations on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

CIR: Celebrating the world with this day requires more solidarity and support for our people

On 29 November of each year, the world celebrates the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People in accordance with the resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1977.

As we pass through this day, our Palestinian people continue to live under the Israeli occupation, which diversities its criminal policies that target everything related to the rights of our people, foremost of which is their right to live in dignity on their national soil and their independent state.

The seventy years since the establishment of the Israeli occupation state on the soil of Palestine and the expulsion of our people from their villages and cities and obliterating everything that is related to their existence was not enough for the world to move and take measures to do justice to this oppressed people and restore some of their rights, primarily an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, as recognized by international legitimacy.

Therefore, the celebration of the world on this day requires more solidarity and support for the causes of our people and their continuous struggle to achieve their rights, not less than to condemn the policies of the occupation and its actions against our people, and to carry out boycott campaign of everything related to him at all political, cultural, economic and diplomatic levels. Moving the embassies of countries to the holy city of Jerusalem should be condemned as well as the crimes of the occupation against the population in the city, the most recent decision to deport more than 700 citizens of Jerusalem from their homes on the pretext of possession by Israeli institutions, not to mention what is happening in Al Khan Al Ahmar and not far from the crimes of the occupation against the people in the Gaza Strip through the destructive war machine.

We, in the Council, hope that the positions of these countries will be strengthened to form a unity of a pressing position on the occupation in all international forums, especially the United Nations and its organs, the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court in particular until a clear message is sent to the occupation that its criminal policies are no longer unknown to anyone, and its falsification of the facts will not be useful in changing the right to nullity, and sooner or later the right holders of Palestine will have their rights.

On this occasion, we condemn some juggling in the normalization of relations between some governments in the Arab region and the state of the Israeli occupation, with the knowledge of the reality of the popular position in these countries, which we cherish and consider as the true position of the nation. We call on the vital forces of our Arab and Islamic nation to express their positions on what is happening and condemn this strange behavior of our nation. In the same context, we highly appreciate the positions of countries that refused to deal with the infiltration attempts by the occupation and demand more steadfastness on the road to support our people and cause.


Council on International Relations


Gaza – Palestine

CIR condemns international stance supporting Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) condemned the international stance towards the Israeli assault against the Palestinians through the last two days.

This international position encouraged “Israel” to get further with committing more crimes of destroying press offices and civilian buildings, the council said Wednesday in a statement.

The council condemned the failure of the Security Council in taking an action today towards the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip. Kuwait and Bolivia asked the United Nations Security Council to meet behind closed-doors on Tuesday over the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip and the using of excessive force against the civilians.

The Palestinian Government Information Office in the Gaza Strip affirmed that 150 Israeli air raids were carried out during which 80 buildings and institutions, including governmental and civilian facilities, were fully or partially destroyed.

The CIR said it was surprised by the German Foreign Office’s position in which it adopted the Israeli occupation narrative towards the recent events.

“The German office turned a blind eye to the blatant Israeli aggression and the right of the Palestinian people to resist it according to the international law and UN Resolutions”, the CIR added.

The council pointed out that the recent escalation broke out when Israeli special forces infiltrated into the Gaza Strip and assassinated 7 Palestinians just after 24 hours of reaching cease-fire agreement between both sides.

In the same vein, the council considered the statements issued by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and European Union as biased in favor of the Israeli occupation. “Mr. Guterres and the EU didn’t refer in their statements to the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians drawing a parallel between the victims and the oppressor”, the council said.

The council called on the international community to take serious actions towards the Israeli crimes and put pressure on “Israel” to stop behaving above the law.

CIR demands Brazil to retract decision to transfer embassy to occupied Jerusalem

Council of International Relations – Palestine (CIR) issued a statement Saturday on the decision of the State of Brazil to transfer its embassy in “Israel” to the occupied city of Jerusalem.

The Council called on Brazil to retract this decision, which is contrary to the principles of international law and United Nations resolutions.

The decision contradicted Brazil’s historic positions that support the Palestinian people at all stages of their struggle and contradicted its recognition of the State of Palestine in 2010, the Council noted.

Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro has reiterated that he plans to move Brazil’s embassy in “Israel” from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, joining the United States and Guatemala.

CIR: Israeli occupation continues to target journalists amid international silence

On International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists

CIR: Israeli occupation continues to target journalists amid international silence


On the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR)  said that the Israeli occupation continues to violate the press and commit crimes against it.

The Council noted that since 2000, 48 Palestinian and foreign journalists of various nationalities have been shot and killed by the Israeli occupation forces.

According the Palestinian Journalists syndicate, two journalists who were killed in Gaza this year while covering the Great Return Marches, 252 were shot and teargased in the West Bank and Gaza, and dozens are arrested in the Israeli jails.

The council said in a statement issued on Friday that the Israeli occupation had not been condemned for its violations against media workers, the thing that causes concern. The impunity of the occupation encourages it to commit further crimes against journalists to silence them and prevent them from documenting its crimes.

On this occasion, the Council called on all international institutions to expose the crimes of the occupation against Palestinian journalists and to hold criminals accountable and bring them to justice.

On November 2 each year, the world salutes the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists in recognition of the long-term consequences of impunity, particularly crimes against journalists.

As it begins 73rd session, CIR sends letter to UNGA demanding Gaza blockade lift

“Council of International Relations – Palestine (CIR)” sent a letter to the President of the current session of the UN General Assembly, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, demanding to raise the issue of lifting the siege of Gaza seriously on the agenda of the UNGA sessions.

The council conveyed the letter to Ms. Espinosa through the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process in Gaza on Wednesday morning.

The Council stressed in the letter that the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip continue to suffer severely from the ongoing Israeli occupation and the illegal blockade for 12 years.

” The first step toward achieving peace and justice must be an end to Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza that is poisoning our one million children immediately and unconditionally,” the council added.

It pointed out to the difficult humanitarian conditions in Gaza, mentioning that 97% of the water is contaminated, Electricity is available only four hours per day, 60% of young people are unemployed, and 50% of essential medicines are unavailable.

The Council referred to the peaceful Marches of Return, pointing out that the residents of Gaza did not rush to the separation fence in response to the Israeli siege and also after they got desperate of the international community’s failure to alleviate their suffering.

The 73rd session of the UN General Assembly opened Tuesday with its new President Maria Fernanda Espinosa. The 193 states members of the UNGA will discuss about 330 resolutions during about 100 plenary sessions.

CIR extends sincere condolences upon passing of Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks

Council on International Relations is deeply pained and extends sincere condolences to the South Africa people, and the family of of Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks who died on Friday night at the age of 54 years, after struggling with ill health.

Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks was the president of the Muslim Judicial Council, National Director of the Al-Quds Foundation South Africa and head of the Africa first Gaza Aid Convoy.

Hendricks was an icon of the South African Muslim community.  He was described as a pioneer in Islamic scholarship, breaking new ground in contemporary Islamic discourse and social justice activism. He was considered one of the most prominent Palestinian activists in the world.

The council said in a condolences letter: “Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks will be particularly remembered for his services towards the issue of the Palestinian people. His drive and his enthusiasm when it came to the Palestinian cause are concerned. He showed when having to combat the anti-Palestinian narrative in mainstream media and other platforms.”

“Please accept my heartfelt condolences, words cannot begin to express the sadness we are feeling right now, God rest his soul”, the council concluded in a letter to the South Africa people.

CIR denounces International silence toward Israeli piracy against breaking siege flotillas

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) denounced the international silence toward the Israeli occupation’s encroachment and piracy against the flotillas trying to break 12 years-long siege imposed on Gaza.

In a statement issued on Monday, the council said that this silence reflects global complicity against the rights of the Palestinian people, including freedom of movement and the use of their territorial waters, calling on the international community to take a serious stand to stop this repeated crime by the Israeli occupation.

The CIR praised the efforts of the activists who did not despair or spared no effort to deliver their humanitarian message and break the siege, stressing that the crimes of the occupation, whatever their extent, will not weaken the support of the Palestinian people.

On Sunday, the Israeli occupation navy intercepted a Norwegian-flagged activist boat trying to break the more than decade-long blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Home to nearly two million Palestinians, the Gaza Strip has been reeling under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2006 that has devastated its economy, impoverished its population and left 60 percent without jobs, adequate electricity and health services.

CIR welcomes appointment members of commission of inquiry on 2018 protests in Palestine

Council of International Relations – Palestine (CIR) welcomed the President of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Vojislav Šuc, announcement of appointment the three members of the Commission of Inquiry on the 2018 protests in Palestine.

The council said in a statement issued on Saturday that this appointment is an important step in the way of holding the Israeli occupation accountable for its crimes against the civilians and its ongoing siege on the Gaza Strip.

“We call upon the Human Rights Council to expedite the necessary steps to investigate the violations of the Israeli occupation to pressure it to stop these crimes, especially the systematic killings of peaceful demonstrators near Gaza’s perimeter fence,” the CIR demanded.

The CIR noted in its statement that the Israeli occupation refused to allow former UN investigation committees to enter Gaza, calling on the HRC to work to overcome this deliberate obstruction of justice and support of the oppressed people. “the HRC should take the necessary steps to punish the occupying state for deliberately disrupting international justice processes.” The CIR said.

Last Wednesday, The President of the Human Rights Council, Ambassador Vojislav Šuc (Slovenia), announced the appointment of David Michael Crane (United States), Sara Hossain (Bangladesh) and Kaari Betty Murungi (Kenya), to serve as the three members of the Commission of Inquiry on the 2018 protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.  Mr. Crane will serve as Chair of the three-person Commission.

CIR deplores international silence over Israeli crimes in Khan AlAhmar

Council on International Relations (CIR) depolored the international silence over the Israeli violations in the village of Al Khan Al Ahmar, east of the occupied Jerusalem.
The Council said in a statement issued on Sunday that what the occupation’s actions is a continuation of the crime of ethnic cleansing practiced against the Palestinian people for decades.
The CIR pointed out that the current international silence encourages the occupation to commit more of these crimes, which aim to remove the Palestinians and annex their lands to the lands of the settlements illegally built in accordance with international law.
The Council called on the international community to pressure the occupying state to stop this crime and to work hard to end the occupation completely from the Palestinian territories and to implement the international agreements that call for it.
In its statement, the Council thanked the efforts of some diplomats and the courage of some MPs who addressed this crime, stressing that it is just shy voices that do not measure up to this great crime.
Khan al-Ahmar is a Palestinian village in the occupied Jerusalem. In 2018, there were 173 Bedouin, including 92 children, living there in tents and huts with its local school serving the needs of 150 children in the area.
Khan al-Ahmar is located between the Israeli settlements of Ma’ale Adumim and Kfar Adumim. In May 2018, the Israeli High Court of Justice determined that its residents could be evicted