Naim denounces global conference on genocide to be held in Jerusalem, UN officials to participate in

Head of Council on International Relations in Palestine, Dr. Basem Naim, denounced the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) to hold its 5th Global Conference on Genocide at Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus, which was constructed on land that Israel forcibly expropriated from Palestinians in East Jerusalem after it militarily occupied the West Bank in 1967.

Naim strongly condemned UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng for participating in the conference who is supposed to deliver a speech. ” How come a UN body seeking to implement human and refugee rights participates in a conference held in an occupation state that practices terrorism and genocide against the Palestinian people for dozens of years!”

In a press release issued by the council Sunday, Naim calls on the (INoGS) to transfer its conference to another place and the participants to boycott the conference. ” You should not award “Israel” for crimes it committed including displacing thousands of Palestinians following dozens of massacres against them in 1948, waging wars on Gaza and imposing tight siege on it till now which can amount to a genocide”, CIR chairman added.

On 26 June, the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) is set to convene its 5th Global Conference on Genocide at Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus, which was constructed on land that Israel forcibly expropriated from Palestinians in East Jerusalem after it militarily occupied the West Bank in 1967.

Naim expresses condolences to family of MP Jo Cox

Chairman of Council on International Relations, Basem Naim, expressed his sincere condolences to family of MP Jo Cox who was slain on Thursday.

Naim said in a press release Friday: ” we were deeply shocked by the murder of UK MP Jo Cox who was one of the most powerful supports for Palestine and its people’s rights, especially the refugees. She had honorable positions in defending boycotting the Israeli occupation as a legitimate right.”

” This murder sends a clear and powerful message that ‘ terrorism has no religion and homeland and doesn’t exclude anyone’. The Palestinian people knows enough the meaning of terrorism through what they suffered in the past 7 decades from “the state terrorism” that Israel exercised and still.”

Jo Cox, a Labour Party member of the UK Parliament, was slain on Thursday in what police said was likely the work of a lone gunman.

Naim denounces nominating Israel to head UN Counter-Terrorism Committee

Basem Naim, chairman of Council on International Relations, denounced nominating Israel by Western European nations to become the head of the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee and issues of international law.
Naim condemned in a press release Wednesday choosing Israel despite it practices the systematic “State terrorism” against the Palestinians on daily basis, including murdering Palestinians, imposing a tight siege on 2m people in Gaza, building more settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and demolishing homes.
” Choosing Israel is a reward for practicing terrorism. It contributes to impunity after three heinous wars Israel waged against Gaza in which thousands of Palestinians killed and dozens of thousands injured. This nomination confirms that Europe insists on throwing aside what it believes in of democracy, human right, and respecting the law” Naim confirmed.
CIR chairman called on Western European nations to withdraw the nomination, and held Israel accountable for the crimes it committed and still in Palestine.

CIR mourns Muhammad Ali death

Council on International Relations mourns the death of Muhammad Ali who passed away last Friday in Arizona following 32-year battle with Parkinson’s disease.

On this occasion, the council acknowledges that Ali was more than just a legendary boxer as he criticized in the sixties the apartheid, visited Palestinian refugee camps and announced his full support for the Palestinian freedom battle against the Israeli occupation.

The council offers sincere condolences to Ali’s family and asks Allah to inspire them patience and fortitude.

A letter to the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul

Mr President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,

Mr Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Presidents, kings, Emirs, Prime ministers, and International organizations’ chairmen who are participating in World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul,


The Gaza Strip is suffering an illegal and inhumane siege for 10 years(1). This siege imposed by Israel, the occupying power under international cover and the Quartet, has led to the destruction of all potentials of humane life, enough to push the United Nations to confirm in its reports that Gaza will be unlivable in 2020(2).

A lot of international reports talk about a poverty rate that is the highest worldwide as it reached 80%, unemployment reached 43%, 65% between youth. The percentage of families relying on aids reached 85%, and the percentage of undrinkable water reached 95% (3).

As you know, the movement of Palestinians on borders is too limited and fraught with danger, save for a lot of psychological problems that spread among people, especially youth and children such as fear, frustration, anxious, and bedwetting.

In this context, we assure that what Israel claims of easing restrictions and facilitating people’s life is proven wrong on the ground of reality. Gaza’s exports didn’t exceed 2.2% compared to 2007 according to international reports(4).

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Despite all difficult conditions and big challenges the Gaza Strip is passing through under iniquitous occupation and unjust siege, our Palestinian people is still having hope in a flash of world conscious to end our people’s misery by ridding them of this racist occupation and unjust siege. Our eyes are on this exceptional summit in its subject and time to send a strong and specific message to the occupation to end its siege on Gaza immediately.

Gaza, ladies and gentlemen, doesn’t need to stay alive only, it aspires to a better future in which humanity participates in building more free and humane world.

We just need your help!



  • ICRC


  • World Bank


Naim extends condolences to Egypt over Egyptair plane crash

Chairman of Council on International Relations in Palestine Dr. Basem Naim conveyed its sincere condolences to the President, the government and the families of the victims, over An EgyptAir plane that crashed while traveling to Cairo from Paris early Thursday with 66 passengers and crew members on board.

Naim wished the families of victims have patience, comfort and recovery from their grief.

Head of the CIR assured the deepest relations between the Palestinian people and Egypt, and its continued support to our people and their struggle for freedom and independence.

Naim slams Hollande over apologizing for Israel for UNESCO resolution over Jerusalem

Head of Council in International Relations in Palestine, Dr. Basem Naim, slammed France’s President Hollande over apologizing for “Israel” for UNESCO resolution over Jerusalem issued last month.

The UNESCO resolution refers to Israel as the “occupying power” at every mention, and uses the Arabic term al-Aqsa Mosque without ever calling it the Temple Mount used by Israelis. It also includes the Arabic al-Buraq Plaza when making reference to what Israelis call the Western Wall Plaza.

Naim confirmed in a press release by the council Wednesday that Haram Al-Sharif and Al-Aqsa Mosque don’t relate to the Jews historically, and nothing proves any Jewish rights to exist there.

Naim showed his fear that major powers’ policies may effect on UN resolutions, which may cause injustice for those countries which count on the UN bodies.

CIR’s chairman assured that Israel’s Netanyahu is campaigning to make the UNESCO change its resolution in favor for the Israeli false narrative.

Naim called on Arab and Muslim countries to act quickly and seriously to face the Israeli pressures and block the resolution reverse. He called on them to  prompt  the resolution and take serious steps to support the Palestinian right in Jerusalem.

French President Francois Hollande sent a letter Wednesday to leaders of the local Jewish community, saying that the government’s support for a resolution in UNESCO was a result of a “misunderstanding.” In the letter, Hollande committed to not support any similar resolutions that may arise in the future.

“العلاقات الدولية” يدعو لاستثمار محادثات تركيا وإسرائيل لتفكيك أزمات غزة

دعا مجلس العلاقات الدولية في فلسطين إلى ضرورة العمل الجاد على استثمار المحادثات الجارية بين تركيا واسرائيل من أجل انهاء الحصار المفروض على قطاع غزة منذ قرابة التسع أعوام، مشددًا على أهمية العمل على تفكيك أزمات القطاع المتراكمة مثل انقطاع الكهرباء وملوحة المياه ومعدلات البطالة وتأخر الاعمار وفتح المعابر ودخول البضائع دون استثناء.

وأوصى المجلس في دراسة تقدير الموقف التي يُصدرها دورياً، بضرورة الاستفادة من الدور التركي في المنطقة- بغض النظر عن الموقف التركي من اسرائيل- قائلاً “في حال كان هناك اتفاق بين الطرفين من الممكن استثماره لخدمة المصالح الفلسطينية، وفي حال لم يكن هناك اتفاق، فتركيا دولة داعمة للقضية الفلسطينية وتعزيز العلاقة معها يخدم القضية الفلسطينية في كافة المجالات”.

وأكد على أهمية ضبط محددات الخطاب الاعلامي فيما يخص فرص عودة العلاقات التركية الاسرائيلية بما لا يخدم اسرائيل، ويُحرج تركيا أمام الرأي العام العربي والاسلامي، متطرقاً إلى سيناريوهات ترميم العلاقات بين البلدين على القضية الفلسطينية، وأهم المعيقات التي تعترضها.

ولفت المجلس في دراسته إلى حادثة اسقاط الطائرة الروسية من قبل المقاتلات التركية وما ترتب عليها من تداعيات وانعكاسات سياسية واقتصادية على تركيا والمنطقة، مبيناً أن ذلك أدى إلى تسارع وتيرة المفاوضات الجارية في العاصمة الايطالية بين تركيا واسرائيل لعودة العلاقات بينهما.

وأشار إلى أن تلك العلاقات توترت بعد الحرب على غزة في عام 2008م وبلغت ذروتها بعد حادثة اعتداء الاحتلال الإسرائيلي على سفينة مرمرة التركية وهي متجهة لكسر الحصار عن قطاع غزة، موضحاً أن تركيا وضعت ثلاثة شروط لعودة العلاقات مع إسرائيل نفذت منها الأخيرة اثنان وهي الاعتذار والتعويض لأهالي الضحايا، وبقي الشرط الثالث وهو رفع الحصار عن قطاع غزة.

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