CIR: AU statement thwarts Israeli attempts to penetrate global solidarity with Palestine

Council on International Relations – Palestine welcomed the statement of the 34th African Union summit condemning the continued Israeli occupation of Palestine and its crimes against the Palestinians.

The council said Tuesday the AU statement is firm evidence of the failure of Israeli attempts to penetrate African solidarity with the Palestinians and the continuation of the historical African solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle against the occupation.

“The statement comes at a time when some Arab countries are rushing to normalize with the occupation. All occupation attempts to gain legitimacy at the expense of the rights of our people and without ending the occupation of our lands and the return of refugees will ultimately fail”, the CIR pointed out.

At the 34th African Union (AU) Summit that was held virtually over the weekend, African leaders reaffirmed the continent’s support for the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation, and strongly condemned Israel’s violence against Palestinians; its construction of illegal settlements; and attempts at colonizing East Jerusalem.

CIR welcomes WHO rejecting of Israeli proposal to cancel item on health situation in Palestine

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) welcomed World Health Organization Executive Council rejection of a proposal submitted by the Israeli occupation to cancel an item entitled “the health situation in the Occupied Palestinian lands and Occupied Syrian Golan” from the agenda of the upcoming WHO session.

The decision thwarted, the CIR said in a statement Thursday, the Israeli attempt to evade its responsibilities, including the health responsibility, as an occupying power.

The Council thanked the member states that voted against the draft resolution, stressing the importance of the role of international organizations in confronting this occupation and its attempts to exterminate the Palestinian people by all means, including leaving it vulnerable to a deadly epidemic.

The Council called on international organizations worldwide to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to force it to assume its responsibilities toward the Palestinian people and supply it with all its health needs. This includes, the CIR added, the coronavirus vaccination, especially at this time when the Palestinian territories are exposed to deadly attacks from the epidemic in light of the limited capabilities.

World Health Organization Executive Council rejected a proposal submitted by the Israeli occupation to cancel an item entitled “the health situation in the Occupied Palestinian lands and Occupied Syrian Golan” from the agenda of the upcoming WHO session. The proposal failed to get the majority votes with 15 countries opposing it.

CIR mourns minister Jackson Mthembu, reminds of his stances in support of Palestinians

Council on International Relations – Palestine expressed its sincere condolences to the South African president, government and people over the death of minister Jackson Mthembu.

In a condolence sent to the SA Consul in Palestine, the Council said: “The Palestinian people will not forget the positions of Minister Mthembu in support of their rights and their struggle against the occupation and racism and his support for the BDS.”

Minister Mthembu is considered one of the prominent figures in support of Palestinian rights. He once said his famous line: “When People are killed, mowed down in Palestine, we are reminded of what happened to us during Apartheid”.

” Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, kids and broader family during this extraordinarily sad time”, the CIR concluded.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed in an announcement on Thursday the passing of Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu at 62 — from complications related to COVID-19 which he contracted on January 11.

CIR: “Israel” faces demographic threat by bringing in non-Jewish immigrants

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics revealed that the number of Jewish immigrants to “Israel” over the course of 2020 hit a record low, with only 33.8% of the usual number of new immigrants.

For the first time in Israeli history, the Jewish population of the country has dropped below 74 percent, according to the IPC.

Dr. Basem Naim, head of Council on International Relations – Palestine said that these data indicate that the occupation state is exploiting the claim that any Jew around the world has the right to immigrate to the “Promised Land”, which is unfortunately supported by the international community unlawfully, to confront the demographic threat that threatens it by bringing non-Jewish immigrants to Palestine, at a time when the occupation expels Palestinians from their lands, demolishes their homes, and deprives them of their basic rights.

This behavior, Naeem indicated, not only confirms the racism and fascism of this entity and its creed, but rather “Israel” uses religious arguments to pass colonial political projects and consolidate its control over Palestinian land.

Naim noted that these facts undermine the idea that many in the international community, especially in the West, rely on regarding the right of Jews around the world to immigrate to Palestine, at a time when the international community is unable to enforce international legitimacy by enabling the Palestinians to return to their homes from which they were forcibly displaced. Head of the CIR called on the international community to reconsider its stances towards the historical injustice that befalls the Palestinian people.

CIR warns of UAE-sponsored schemes to undermine UNRWA

Council on International Relations – Palestine warned of UAE-sponsored schemes to undermine the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees, according to the French Le Monde.

The council said in a statement issued Saturday that these media leaks come within the plan that the American administration and the Israeli have been working on for a long time to end the work of UNRWA.

The Council noted that any schemes to undermine the agency, end its mandate, or change its function are a flagrant violation of international laws and decisions, which guaranteed the Palestinians return to their homes.

“Such schemes would not achieve any stability or peace, but rather would spread chaos, destruction and instability in the region, and would not deter the Palestinians from sacrificing to obtain their rights”.

The council was surprised by the UAE’s support for this scheme, noting that it was more appropriate for it to support the agency as the rest of the countries do, and not seek to undermine it.

Latest Issue by The French Le Monde said Thursday that the UAE is considering a plan presented by the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies and the Emirates Center for Policies that aims to permanently liquidate the refugee issue, by ending UNRWA’s work and canceling the mandate given to it by the UN General Assembly Seventy years ago.

CIR slams PA readiness to resume negotiations without preconditions

Denouncing Al-Maliki remarks in meeting with ECFR,

CIR slams PA readiness to resume negotiations without preconditions


Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) expressed strong condemnation of the Palestinian Authority’s willingness to resume negotiations with the Israeli occupation without any preconditions.

The CIR said in a statement on Monday this step ignores what the occupation has accumulated on the ground, with full American support, over the past few years, which leaves no room for any discussion of the possibility of establishing an independent and sovereign Palestinian state on 1967 borders.

“The council was surprised by the sudden reversal of the positions of the Palestinian Authority and its rush to the path of negotiations without knowing the true position of Biden administration”, the council said.

The CIR said that the ongoing annexation of the West Bank, building settlements, systematically demolishing Palestinian homes, besieging the Gaza Strip and separating it from the rest of the Palestinian territories, and targeting UNRWA, are the least the PA must demand the Israeli occupation to stop and revoke to start any constructive negotiations.

The Council called on the Palestinian Authority to retreat from this step and not return to negotiations in light of the ongoing Israeli crimes that completely undermine the Palestinian cause.

Last Wednesday, the Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riyad Al-Maliki, confirmed during a meeting with the European Council of Foreign Affairs that the PA informed the US President-elect team that the PA was ready to return to negotiations without any preconditions.

CIR reminds Palestinian issue resolved only by giving Palestinians their rights

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,

CIR reminds Palestinian issue resolved only by giving Palestinians their rights


Council on International Relations – Palestine “CIR” said the world celebrating the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People requires more solidarity and support for this people and their continuous struggle to achieve their rights.


In a release Sunday, The CIR said: “As we pass through this day, our Palestinian people continue to live under the Israeli occupation, which continues to intensify its criminal policies that target everything related to the rights of our people, foremost of which is their right to live in dignity on their national soil and their independent state”.


The Council stated that the solution to the Palestinian issue would only come through giving the Palestinians their rights and establishing their independent and fully sovereign state, with Jerusalem as its capital.


“The attempts of the occupation to search for other solutions through normalization with some Arab countries and imposing plans to settle the core issues of the conflict will not succeed and will not push the Palestinians to abandon their rights”, The Council noted.


The CIR added that the Palestinian people will continue their struggle and resistance to the occupation until liberating the entire Palestinian land and achieving their rights undiminished, using all means available, including the armed struggle.


The world celebrates on the 29th of November every year the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which coincides with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution of 1947, No. 181, known as the “partition plan”.

CIR opens the premiere of “We ..” in Gaza

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) opened, Thursday, the premiere of a documentary film entitled (We … a story of people live in religious peace), in the Rashad Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza, attended by national, religious and other prominent figures, and in partnership with the local Shehab Agency.

The film narrates the state of coexistence and community peace between Muslims and Christians in the Gaza Strip, and embodies the state of social solidarity in times of crises and emergency situations, interconnectedness and peace between the two.

“We” reviews the state of harmony and partnership between them, and highlights many positions that show religious peace in the besieged enclave.

Dr. Basem Naim, Head of the CIR, acknowledged during the event the great efforts made to complete the documentary that deals with an important aspect of life and peaceful coexistence in the Gaza Strip.

Naim said: “The documentary aims to convey the message of Palestine in general and Gaza specifically to Arabs and Muslims, as well as to enemies and in all languages,” stressing that the documentary does not present anything new, but rather documents a case rooted in the history of the Palestinian people, and this made the task easier for those in charge of its production.

Naim praised the strength and toughness of the people of Gaza, despite all the schemes and plots being hatched against them, but they still adhere to the resistance and awareness, on which the documentary content focused on.

The municipal head of Gaza municipality Dr. Yahya Al-Sarraj stressed the message and goal of the documentary, which expresses the truth and history of the authentic Palestinian people, through coexistence and community cohesion in all circumstances and times.

Al-Sarraj thanked everyone who contributed and worked for the success of this distinguished work, which conveys the message of peace, tolerance and community solidarity.

For his part, Father Yusef Asaad, assistant patron of Latin Church, thanked the producers, and emphasized the message of tolerance and coexistence rooted in Palestine.

He pointed out that the first person to recognize Palestine was the Pope Vatican despite the pressures he was subjected to, but he remained steadfast. Fr Asaad stressed the need to promote a culture of love for others, to live in peace and do good everywhere.


On anniversary of Nuremberg trials, CIR calls on int’l community to prosecute Israeli war criminals

Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) called on the international community not to allow the Israeli war criminals to go unpunished and to work to hold them accountable and to prosecute them for the crimes they committed against the Palestinian people.

In a brief statement issued by the Council on the anniversary of the first Nuremberg Trial, which falls today, the Council said that the crimes of Israeli leaders are war crimes according to numerous international organizations.

“Nuremberg trials should not be an exception. They should be held for everyone who commits war crimes or crimes against humanity, such as Israeli warlords”, the statement said.

The Nuremberg trials were a series of military tribunals held after World War II. The trials were most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the leadership of Nazi Germany, who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in war crimes.

Urgent letter to twitter CEO on suspending Palestinian activists accounts

An urgent letter to twitter CEO on suspending Palestinian activists accounts


Palestinian activist formed a letter to be sent to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after the blue platform suspended dozens of Palestinian accounts.

The activists demanded Twitter to revoke its move and, instead, protect the Palestinian content and not to be pressured by the Israeli occupation that aims to silence any Palestinian voice resisting the occupation.

To gain more pressure on twitter, the activists called on all friends of Palestine and all people worldwide believing in the right to freedom of speech to help them send the letter as shown below.



“Please send it directly to Jack Dorsey by emailing him at”


Download the letter as pdf file from here

Dear Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey,

We hope that this email finds you well.

We write to you now out of a sense of hope and fairness to ask that you review what we believe to be an injustice directed at a group of us who have long participated in the Twitter community but who now, inexplicably, find our accounts suspended or banned for unknown and, we believe, arbitrary reasons.

We are a group of Palestinian and pro-Palestinian women and men who have been very active for years in an honest and peaceful exchange of ideas using various social media platforms, including Twitter, to enhance and expand the range of knowledge and information to all about one of the most compelling issues of social justice of our time: the plight of millions of stateless Palestinians, including some two million who live under a siege now entering its fourteenth year in the Gaza Strip.

Although there are those who disagree with our message none can challenge our commitment to the embrace of peaceful communications that seek nothing more than to maintain and expand a fair and free passageway of information about the plight of Palestinians.

We understand that Twitter itself has been subjected to unfair accusations about the role that it plays in maintaining a marketplace of ideas, one where strangers can hear the voice and ideas of others and to make decisions for themselves about a wide range of issues of our time. For this very reason we hope that you will take the time to review the circumstances surrounding the suspension or banning of these accounts.

Briefly stated, at the end of October, Twitter suspended dozens of these accounts without any prior notice, warning or tailored specifics to provide these account holders a reasonable and necessary idea of what, if anything, they may have done to trigger such a harsh sanction. In short, the users were shocked to see their accounts suspended or banned with no opportunity of consequence to participate in that decision making process; with no chance to answer any unfair accusations. It is in that vacuum that the mission of Twitter, namely to expand the exchange of belief and ideas among diverse and distant communities has also suffered a great injury.

We the undersigned users of the suspended/banned accounts did nothing wrong. We simply provided others an opportunity to see our lives as human beings under occupation and siege, making many friends – political and otherwise—along the way. As an American long protected under the First Amendment we hope you share our concern that our international rights to freedom of expression are no less valuable or protected. Millions of people worldwide have been beneficiary of a glimpse into the history, tradition and plight of Palestinians and been empowered themselves to play a role in assisting us through the peaceful expression of support for our rights and legitimate aspirations. Much of this exchange has simply been making new friends with the healthy exchange of our daily stories, political and not.
Having long been isolated and, at times, censored throughout the world, we Palestinians are very careful to pay attention to the rules and policies of various social platforms which we join. Because such platforms often provide the only ability of Palestinians to participate in the broader world community we are especially sensitive to rules and regulations such as those established by Twitter and do our best not to violate them.

In this light we ask you to take a personal interest not at our plight, but the suspensions that have tamped down on our ability to participate in the exchange of ideas throughout the world and to do so in a lawful, peaceful and informative manner. We are sure that a review of our counts will result in their restoration. We ask for nothing more than to
cooperate with all people on the globe to create a better and more peaceful & prosperous world.

The suspended accounts are the following:

If you or any of your staff have any additional questions feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to answer any concerns as fully and fairly as soon as possible. If your review points to any particular inadvertent missteps on our part we can assure you it will not again be a problem.
These are difficult times for the world community as a whole with the onset of COVID. For us, in the best of times, there is a painful sense of isolation and loss. Twitter has gone a long way in providing an invaluable megaphone for our voice and source of education and friendship with others in far off and distant places.

Thank you for your time and consideration.