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CIR condemns remarks by the US ambassador to “Israel” David Friedman

Council of International Relations – Palestine condemned the statements made by US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, in which he described the Palestinian reaction after Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel “an ugly, provocative and anti-Semitic response.” In a press release, The council said that Friedman is ignorant of history and […]

CIR: US actions in international forums blackmail to international community

Council on International Relations – Palestine described the actions of the US and its threat to the Member States of the United Nations General Assembly as blackmail to the international community. The council said in a statement issued Thursday that the exchange of political positions in return for financial support undermines the role of the […]

CIR Praises ANC for downgrading relations with Israeli occupation

Council of International Relations – Palestine praised the important step taken by the African National Congress today to downgrade the level of relations between South Africa and the Israeli occupying state from an embassy to a liaison office. In a statement released Thursday, the council said the decision was in line with South Africa’s long […]

CIR: On International Human Rights Day, Israel continues to deprive Palestinian people of their rights

Council on International Relations – Palestine said that the Israeli occupation continues to violate Palestinian human rights and deprive them of the basic necessities of life. In a statement issued Sunday, the Council noted that the Israeli occupation continues to deprive millions of Palestinians around the world of returning to their homes they were displaced […]

CIR: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem dangerous, violate international law

Council on International relations-Palestine described the intention of the US to move its embassy to Jerusalem as dangerous and violates the International law. In a press release, The council said that the American decision pours gas to the flames in the region, and pushes it to more deterioration . The decision violates the international law […]

CIR condemns denying Swiss officials entry to Gaza by Israeli occupation

Council on International relational – Palestine condemned Saturday the Israeli occupation for denying the Swiss officials entry to the Gaza Strip. In a press release, the council said the step doubles the current siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and is a blatant violation to the Palestinian people’s rights of communicating with the outside world. […]

A Press Release issued by the Council on International Relations on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

  Despite 7 decades passed since “Israel” occupied the Palestinian lands and displaced millions of Palestinian people, the suffering of the Palestinian people has not been over yet as Israel continues its aggression against them, commits the most heinous crimes against them and imposes more sanctions on the civilians in the context of collective punishment […]