A Press Release issued by the Council on International Relations on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People


Despite 7 decades passed since “Israel” occupied the Palestinian lands and displaced millions of Palestinian people, the suffering of the Palestinian people has not been over yet as Israel continues its aggression against them, commits the most heinous crimes against them and imposes more sanctions on the civilians in the context of collective punishment and in violation of all international and humanitarian laws, at the forefront of these crimes is the unjust siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

On this occasion, The CIR calls on the International community to work with all means to end the Palestinian people’s suffering and empowering them to achieve self-determination by ending the Israeli occupation.

The Council calls on all free people to boycott the Israeli occupation politically, intellectually, economically, academically, socially and in all ways that would stop this occupation ‘s terrorism against the Palestinians.

The council stresses the need to find urgent solution for the issue of Palestinian refugees to return to the lands and villages from which they were displaced.

The CIR calls on the United Nations, human rights organizations and the International community to adopt the issue of the Palestinian detainees, and pressure on the occupation to release them, particularly children, women and patients.

The Council also calls on the International community to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip immediately, open the crossings, address all the needs of our people and ensure freedom of movement for them.