CIR: UNESCO decision halts Zionist claim, confirms Palestinian people rights


Council on International Relations – Palestine appreciated the UNESCO decision of designating Hebron and the two adjoined shrines at its heart – the Jewish Tomb of the Patriarchs and the Muslim Ibrahimi Mosque – a “Palestinian World Heritage Site in Danger”.

The council said in a press release this bold decision halts the Zionist claim and confirms the right of the Palestinian people of their land and history.

The CIR called on the UNESCO to implement the decision by protecting the sites from the Israeli occupation and settlers who try very hard to judaize the area and throw their Palestinian inhabitants out.

In the press release, the council thanked the members who voted in favor, considering that their votes lead to ending the Israeli occupation and revealing peace in the region.

Last Friday, The UN’s world heritage body has recognised the old city of Hebron in the West Bank as a Palestinian world heritage site.